Tony actually sings and plays musical instruments: Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet and Harmonica.He also arranges, programs and pre-records most of his own background music so it sounds more like a real live band .


Tony performs over 500 songs, a wide variety of styles including Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Latin, Big Band and Standards from The 40’s on up to current songs.Nearly all his repertoire was learned at the request of his patrons who dance. His music appeals mostly to audience ages 40 years & older.Most bands excel at playing a few musical styles like Country, Rock & Roll or Jazz but, few have gone to the extra effort of learning the diverse variety of music that Tony performs.


As a rule, most musicians are not very good dancers. Few could tell the difference between a West Coast Swing and a Rumba.Because Tony has taken Ballroom Dance Instruction, he knows the steps, rhythms & tempos to most of the popular dances. His arrangements are far more danceable because he knows the rhythms and the tempos of the dances.


Because Tony constantly interacts with patrons both on & off stage, he is far more aware of his customers musical & entertainment needs.


Tony takes his stage appearance as seriously as he does his music. His vast wardrobe of Classy Stage Clothing includes Tuxedos and Theme Costumes to fit any occasion.


Unlike most people who perform music as a fun hobby, Tony is a Professional Musical Entertainer. He treats his talent and his craft like a business. That’s why so many people hire Tony Summerhays.

THE WALTER & HAYS BAND 1985 – 1993

Tony Summerhays: Keyboard, Trumpet & Vocal,Walt Gregory: Guitar, Keyboard, Trumpet & Vocal,Cory Brown: Bass Guitar & Vocal,Dan Stephensen: Drums & Vocal
For 8 years, The Walter & Hays Band performed in nearly all of Utah’s popular nightclubs and for numerous high profile, black tie social events.They performed on The Primary Children’s Miracle Network Telethon in Disneyland introducing nationally known comedians including Jeff Foxworthy and Rich Little.They also performed in The Bahamas, Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas and other major U.S cities.Walt and Tony continue to perform, individually as solo acts and together as a duo. Visit for information about Walt Gregory.


Eagle Scout,duty to God Award
Music scholarship to Weber State College
2nd Degree Blackbelt in WTF Taekwondo, Red Belt in Hapkido
My ONE and only Son ( Andrew Jason Summerhays, nick name AJ, sub nick name AGE(Who is 26) (1st Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo) also plays drums in the Murray Concert Band and the Sandy Symphony Orchestra and took lessons all on his own with his own money. Atta boy!!!currently in college and working towards a pharmacy degree (oh boy this is going to be expensive !!)thanks to his MOM (her name is Toni , thank the lord we did’nt name him Tony(i) ??) or Sterling ???) that raised a good Kid !!He’s also a pretty good fishing buddy !! (catch and release Ha Ha Ha!!)